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The project has started » Voices of the underground » December, 31…

11 Июн 2013

As informed the Transport Server of Moscow earlier, before New Years holidays the pilot project of » the Voice of the underground » prepared. Essence of the project that on Sokolnicheskoj lines of the announcement of stations do(make) not habitual voices, and voices of well-known actors.

And December, 31, 2003 the pilot project has started » Voices of the underground «; reaction to new voices which declare stations, different: someone giggles, someone screws up the face, but, in my opinion, the project very much even has gone right.
Lets notice, that all for scoring stations in underground on Sokolnicheskoj lines it is selected 4 actors, namely: Michael Shirvindt, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Tatyana Vasileva and Sergey Jursky.

It is necessary to notice, that these 4 actors were selected from tens national favourites, many of which appeared are not capable distinctly, precisely and quickly to make a phrase » Cautiously, doors are closed, the following station… «.
It is supposed, that the pilot project will approach to the end January, 12 — then it becomes known, whether all the same it is necessary to distribute the project to all underground entirely.
If experiment will be considered successful that day when voices of actors will begin to sound not only in trains, but also at stations, escalators is not far also, in vestibule.